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Weave 2 is here!

Stable version:   Weave 2.8d
Beta version:   Weave 2.8e

Weave aims to supply the needs of anyone that wants to mod ZZT.

This includes:

  • One-shot Weavers that just want to play their favorite game as their favorite character
  • Conversion Weavers that want to alter the look and feel of existing games (and maybe adjust the balance a little) without messing with the original .ZZT file
  • Special Edition Weavers that want to create enhanced versions of existing classics or prior works, blending .ZZT changes with other cosmetic tweaks
  • New Content Weavers that want to open up the throttle and really see what the engine can do
  • Source Weavers that want to use an existing code base that already has a few augmentations added. (source code here)

Weave 2 makes extensive use of accessory files to allow ZZTers to enhance their game's experience without diving into the Pascal code. Templates of these files are available in all downloads of Weave.


There are download links for both the stable and beta versions of WeaveZZT on this page, and come with some template files and demos to get you started. These are DOS executables, so either use a DOS machine or emulate.  (The preferred emulator for ZZT is zeta - if you want to use Weave with Zeta, rename WEAVE28.EXE to ZZT.EXE in the directory where you emulate your game.) These are run-only executables, so use an external editor like zedit2 or kevedit to create your ZZT files. In particular, editors that support longer lines are preferred, which makes zedit2 the ideal choice for ZZT file editing.

FixWeave 2

You can download FixWeave 2, the companion project to Weave 2 aimed at correcting bugs in existing games, here: (https://meangirls.itch.io/fixweave-2)

Contact Us

As always, you can reach us at the ZZT Discord or the MGG Discord if you've got feedback or there's something to add. If there's a better way to do something, or you have a truly wild idea and would like help setting up a customized copy of Weave to accomplish it, let us know.

Thank you,
Mean Girls Games - (Discord: https://discord.gg/jkUkhxJEpC)

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WEAVE_2.8d.zip 155 kB
WEAVE_2.8f.zip 156 kB

Install instructions

These are DOS executables meant for running .ZZT files only. Emulation and the .ZZT files themselves are not provided here. For emulation visit https://zeta.asie.pl/, and for the ZZT files go to https://museumofzzt.com/.  If you want to use Weave with Zeta, rename WEAVE28.EXE to ZZT.EXE in the directory where you emulate your game.

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